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Problem using IGO8.3

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  • Problem using IGO8.3

    Hi all, yesterday i was trying to use again igo instead of sygic fleet (i was using igo 1 year ago i was missing it lol)
    it embed good but cause RR to lose control, i can't click any button when iGO embed; But if i first click anywhere outside RideRunner and click again on it then it all turns back to normality..
    So what could be the problem? RideRunner that lose focus? i tryed to search but found nothing since yesterday it seems i'm the only one with this problem

    Here is a video with the problem

    Thanks for have read
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    do you have the same problem in "fullscreen-mode"?
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      how are you embedding...
      are you clipping out the RR area?

      "Did you test it in carwings??"

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        @harryberlin: what do you mean by fullscreen mode? Igo8.3.1 is different than Igo8 cause it doesn't rescale so there is only a native windowed (w/o borders)

        @mitchjs: i'm embedding as external navigation in RRconfig (with right window name), and this is the code i use for embed it now "AX,0,0,800,480" with this Igo doesn't clip inside riderunner (cause i can minimize ride runner and igo is still on top), and with this command used when pressed the "exit region" i have "fixed" the problem:
        nircmd win hide process "iGO831_PC.exe

        ps: if i use extended options with AX (for example OPT_NOFOCUS and OPT_PARENT) then igo window become a child window of RR and i can't take the control on it anymore.
        it is as if Igo is still on top also when RR screen is changed (and Igo is not visible)

        But if there is a better solution it would be better lol
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          RR is not scaled to the fullscreen, was mean.
          RR-Skin: BMW OpenBM Skin for E39 [never ending progress :-(]
          RR-Plugin: IBusCommunicatoRR new Updates


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            ahh now i got it, yes i've try same problem
            the issue is with igo window that stay on top also when not showed (in different section for example), for now i've solved with NIRCMD hiding Igo's window..but isn't stable..if there is a soulution would be better