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Problems switching between audio sources - need to load the

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  • Problems switching between audio sources - need to load the

    Good afternoon. I have a problem that I hope someone can help with.

    When I switch from Video_Player skin (using MPC for player) to my Audio_Player skin (WinAmp), I get no sound. To fix the missing sound, I open the Audio_Browser skin, and my music will start playing. This behavior is 100% repeatable.

    To get around the problem, I changed all my navigation buttons such that when I switch from the Video Player, I load the Audio Browser, and then whichever other skin I am going to (i.e. load;||load; It really feels like a hack, but it works.

    Now I was updating my skin to add a new page to play music from the AUX input (based on a, and I find the same problem behavior. I always have to load the when navigation between the new skin and the before I can hear mp3's playing.

    It feels like there must be a setting I am missing somewhere that would affect this behavior, but I can't seem to find it.

    If anyone has encountered/solved this problem and could shed some light on this behavior, I would really appreciate it.

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    when i leave the videoplayer, i set audio source.
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      Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated.

      I definitely missed the command "SETSOURCE". It seems like it would be a better method than what I am currently doing (I assume that loading the has an implicit "SETSOURCE;AUDIO", which is why my current method works)

      If anyone else has other suggestions, I would love to hear them as well.


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        not sure how you navigate around

        but to go to audio(mp3), use the "audio" command
        playing with skin names, is asking for trouble

        so, if you want to jump from the video player to audio(mp3) player, the command is "AUDIO"
        and if resumemusic is set, it will resume where it was before (rr.ini resumemusic=1 or 2)

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          Ya, I figured that I brought this trouble upon myself :-)

          I have a couple pages for the audio_player with buttons for different playlists on each. When I want to go back to playing mp3s, I switch to the audio page where the currently in use playlist resides. For instance:


          So, I figure I'll update the commands as such:


          I could add the following line to the ExecTbl.ini to accomplish the same goal, and then use "AUDIO" the way that I am supposed to...


          The only problem with this method is that if I jump from Video to GPS or other non-audio destination, I will have no music until I send the "AUDIO" command. (I know... not a big deal, just annoying)

          The important thing is that I now understand what is happening. Either, use the "AUDIO" (or "BROWSER") to implicitly set the source to audio, or use SETSOURCE to explicitly set the source to audio.

          Thank you both for taking the time to assist me.

          BTW, Mitch, off topic, but I love the RMX-6S interface. It has been working great.


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            if you leave the videoplayer, you just need "SETSOURCE;AUDIO"
            RR-Skin: BMW OpenBM Skin for E39 [never ending progress :-(]
            RR-Plugin: IBusCommunicatoRR new Updates