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Is there a way to password protect a specific screen in a skin?

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  • Is there a way to password protect a specific screen in a skin?

    I'm not looking for ultimate security, just a way to require a password to display a specific .skin screen.
    I was initially thinking of a "hidden" button but was really hoping for some sort of code challenge.

    Is this possible? Any suggestions on where to look? If someones skin already has it that would be ideal t copy from.


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    have a look in dfx5 skin
    RR-Skin: BMW OpenBM Skin for E39 [never ending progress :-(]
    RR-Plugin: IBusCommunicatoRR new Updates


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      Thanks guys,
      I did download DFX last night. That is one impressive skin! It will be a challenge to follow how the locker screen works.
      I've been hacking away at eLite Wings for a little while now and I still don't understand how some things work (obviously).
      Most of the eLite code is gone substituted with CarWings code.

      I also found a plugin called locker
      It looks like this might work. I've gotten a button to pop up the locker screen which disappears once you enter the correct code. Now to figure out a timer that would close locker if you do nothing and open the correct .skin with the right code.

      I'm going to keep searching. Sonicxtacy02 posted "wow there's now 4 lock programs available ! lol" so the solution is out there somewhere.
      Any suggestions or code examples would be greatly appreciated. I do enjoy figuring things out but can get frustrated at times so I'm sure you'll see more questions from me.

      Thanks again guys,


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        I think that the good method is to check the 'ONSCREENCHANGE' RR event into a plugin !


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          May be this code !
                      Case "onscreenchange"
                          Dim screens() As String
                          screens = Split(SDK.GetUserVar("PROTECTED_SCREENS"), ",")
                          For Each screen In screens
                              If LCase(frm.tag) = LCase(screen) Then
                                  SDK.ErrScrn("Protect screens", "The screens protection is active !", "", 5)
                              End If
                          ProcessCommand = 2


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            I think I got it.
            The code you posted is interesting but over my head without more questions.

            Using the locker downloaded from here I was able to do what I needed by changing the following files

            The download includes generic skin example files which I copied into my skin folder. I also placed the locker directory in my skins folder.
            ExecTBL.ini - add the following line
            "LOCKsomething", "setvar;locker_unlockcommand;load;||setvar;locker_code;1234||setvar;LOCKER_WRONGCOMMAND;exit||RUN;$skinpath$\locker\locker.exe"
            Menu.lst - modify dynamic menu command
            SOMETHING        = "LOCKsomething",SOMETHING,Icons\something.png
            The line in the ExecTBL.ini file overrides the locker.ini file according to the locker readme.txt.
            When executed the locker screen is displayed. Enter the wrong code and it simply exits. The right code loads the
            The only thing I'd like to solve now, but isn't a big deal, is it cuts the music while the locker screen is displayed.

            Thanks for your help. I hope someone else finds this useful.

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