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RR and 2 sound cards for line-in's

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  • RR and 2 sound cards for line-in's

    I have on-board audio which sucks so I am using a PCI sound card which sounds good.

    My problem is I need 2 inputs. One for Sirius and one for HD Radio. I tried to use the microphone port but is really distorted even with the level way down.

    Is there a way to pick one audio line-in on the on-board sound for Sirius and then line-in on the PCI card for HD Radio?
    I don't see an option in the RRConfig to select what sound card will do what.

    I am trying to hold off on buying the Mitch JS USB Audio Selector is possible as funds are real tight right now.


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    I use a diamond usb 7.1 and it has stereo mic inputs and in the software for that unit I can pick as a line device. Your problem will be having the onboard sound output to your pci sound cards speakers. Not sure what OS your running. SNO


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      Windows 7 64bit


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        Originally posted by SNOtwistR View Post
        Your problem will be having the onboard sound output to your pci sound cards speakers. Not sure what OS your running. SNO
        With Windows 7 64 bit I checked and I can play audio from my phone to the line-in with the on-board audio and have it play to the speaker out on the PCI card so that shouldn't be a problem.

        Now I just need to know if there is a way to tell RR what sound card will do what with the line-in's.
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          Sounds excellent I have it hooked up to a logitech x-540 sub unit and the 4 truck speakers and added the x-540 centre speaker. very happy with the results and with the x540 unit I have a wired remote volume/bass control right at my side. I used the dc-dc-usb power supply and set it at 14.6 volts to replace the 120v transformer. I did a post with details on the power conversion. You might be able to map the onboard sound output to your pci sound card speakers in win7. Next I am not sure if RR supports multiple sound devices. I will let someone more experienced in RR to answer that one.. good luck SNO


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            Check for a microphone boost setting. This setting is set to on in some cases and will distort your input if the boost is not needed.

            Worst case you can always get a USB sound card as another input as well. As long as your software can handle two different inputs or being able to switch between them.


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              Thanks for all the help everyone. I might end up getting a USB sound card later.

              As of right now I think I may have found a solution. Sounds good in the house but need to see if it sounds good in the car too tomorrow.

              I forgot that most if not all the PCI sound cards I have has a AUX input mounted on the side of the card itself accessible only from inside the case so I made me a little special cable. In RRConfig it is called "Auxiliary Volume"

              Hope it works good in the car!
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                Good solution! I have done that in the past as well but only on a older mainboard that still had CD audio input on board.. Glad you found a fix. SNO


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                  2 sound cards isn't as simple as you think
                  as audio would have to be captured

                  so... try this


                  "Did you test it in carwings??"

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                    Not to hijack, but does that audio switch have a default or powered off output? In other words, if you have car PC and stock radio connected to your amp, can it be set to default to a connection when no USB is on so the stock radio can feed audio to your amp while the carpc is off?

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