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iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) audio to computer

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  • iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) audio to computer

    I was browsing the web and came across this. It is possible to turn your computer (PC or Mac) into an AirPlay receiver.

    I believe both of these require the Bonjour service. I think you may install it separately if you don't have iTunes installed.

    The first software I tried was Airfoil Speakers for Windows, available here:

    This software worked pretty well but I had some problems with it working in the beginning. I can't say it is the fault of the software as I had just updated my phone to ios7. Once it started working it worked pretty well, the software will display the album art, track info, and even an equalizer. The album art is very small. But unfortunately this software requires a $25 license to use it for more than 10 minutes... unless you like the sound of static which the software adds in. Supposedly the software has controls for the audio; however I did not see any using the trial version. This software requires an installation.

    I then decided to search around for similar software and found another one named Shairport4w, available here:

    This software seemed to work more seamlessly. Shairport will display the album art and track info, as well as controls for the audio. The GUI is more simple than Airfoil. It is my belief that it would be easier to create a plugin for Shairport. I did encounter a glitch. I was using iHeartRadio and when the song changed it would display the track info from the last ios source for a split second. I think this is a glitch on the part of ios or the iHeartRadio app, not because of Shairport.

    There is still other software available that will do this. Would anyone be interested in making a plugin for Shairport4w? I think it would just need to pull the album art track info, and then be able to send the play/pause, seek, and tune commands.

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    iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) VIDEO to computer

    These two software packages will allow you to mirror your ios screen to your pc or mac.

    Here are the minimum ios device requirements for mirroring to an AirPlay receiver:
    • iPhone: 4s or newer
    • iPad: 2 or newer
    • iPod Touch: 5 or newer

    The first software is titled Reflector, available here:

    This is not freeware; however as of this posting the software is only $12.99. I could not test this with my iPhone4 for reasons already discussed. Testing with my iPad allowed me to only view my ios screen on my computer, but not control it. I could also send the audio to the computer; however there is no display of album art or track information, unless it is as the ios device is showing it when mirroring. I suppose this software could be useful for watching a video in RR, but that's about it. Note: I could not get the iPhone4 to send audio only to this software. The requirements above are for both mirroring and audio only mode.

    Another option is AirServer, available here:

    This is also not freeware. The license for this is $14.99. I have not tested this software, but I believe it functions almost identically to Reflector.
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      What about just a blue tooth audio?
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        Originally posted by chris350 View Post
        What about just a blue tooth audio?
        Does it show album art and track information from any app?


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          Been a while since I've been on here but surprised no one else is interested in something like this. I'd be willing to pay for someone to develop an RR plugin for Shairport4w. Any takers?