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RR ignores soundcard setting, always uses default soundcard

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  • RR ignores soundcard setting, always uses default soundcard


    I have two soundcards, one on the motherboard, the other an external USB. I can set either one as the Windows default soundcard, and Windows apps such as Media Player, Windows Media Center, and RideRunner will use it, therefore it is clear both soundcards are working.

    But when I change the RR "soundcard" parameter to 1,2,3,or 4 using RRconfig or by editing the rr.ini file (and restarting RR) to try and make RR use a different soundcard, the sound always comes out whichever one is set as the default in Windows. It appears RR is ignoring the "soundcard" parameter. How does one determine the correct "number" of the installed soundcards or are they always assigned sequential from 0 up?

    Any idea how to troubleshoot or fix this?

    Thanks in advance


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    That doesn't solve the problem -- There's navigation audio plus the clicks as you move through menus. My setup is two screens in an RV - a MoCoSo Mini-Touch in the front for music and navigation using the motherboard sound card, and a 28" flat screen in the back using an external USB soundcard for the kids to watch movies on using Windows Media Center. WMC will only use the Default sound card. That's why I want RR to use the other soundcard for music and navigation. That's why I have to get the soundcard parameter working in RR


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      that setting has NO baring on winamp.... (for any music for that matter)
      its only for mixer controls in RR
      which soundcard rr will use for mixer
      (volume controls)
      doesn't really apply anymore... was only used on XP (if it even worked)
      since the audio subsystem is quite modern now(win vista and >), it doesn't apply...

      I don't think RR can do what you want it to do...

      good luck

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        OK, basically I think you're saying that each app within RR decides where to send its audio. With WinAmp, I was able to change it to an alternate soundcard, but most other apps do not have a setting like that. RR's native sounds such as Text-to-speech and clicks while moving through menus output to the default soundcard. Same with Garmin MobilePC which I am using for navigation.

        Any suggestions on alternatives - some magic utility to redirect audio to different soundcards, two instances of RR (does not sound like that would help), or a different front-end? Is there a front-end that is still being actively developed that might be a better choice?

        EDIT: In the end I set the soundcard that I wanted RR to use as the Windows default soundcard - this is connected to the car stereo. Then I dumped WMC for XMBC which lets me choose the 2nd soundcard which is connected to speakers in the back. Now I have music and navigation up front, and movies in the back for the kids, via XBMC and a Windows remote control.
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