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Problem with application focus when running RR with other apps (XBMC)

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  • Problem with application focus when running RR with other apps (XBMC)

    I have a dual screen setup in a motorhome with RR on a touchscreen in the front for music and navigation and XBMC on a full-size screen in the back for the kids to watch movies. I use a Media Center remote control to control XBMC. Everything works great except I have a problem with application focus. Note that XBMC is running as a separate app on the carPC not through some plug-in or as a RR media player or anything like that.

    Scenario #1 - XBMC is maximized but not full-screen

    If XBMC starts with focus then I can use the remote control to operate XBMC. This works great until I do something on RR. From then on XBMC is uncontrollable because focus has shifted to RR. Furthermore, attempting to use the remote control affects RR -- basically it sends left,right,up,down keystrokes to RR

    Scenario #2 - XBMC in full-screen mode

    Remote control works great until I do something on RR. At this point XMBC minimizes itself and the only way to get it back is to use ALT-TAB on a keyboard, or click the XBMC icon in the taskbar with a mouse.

    Any suggestions?

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    I think you are going around in circles trying to find a solution that might not be achievable. In my RV I went 2 computer route, networked. I have access to all my music/movies/apps/slingbox on either screen. Something to think about SNO


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      Not really. I resolved the other issues with multiple soundcards and I am so close to perfection I can smell it..... Just need to deal with the focus problem, or figure out why XBMC minimizes when another app (RR) gains focus


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        You can resolve the minimize problem by going into XBMC settings " Use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen ...when active (Windows only). Does not use the DirectX fullscreen mode. The main benefit is for multi-screen configurations, where XBMC can be used at the same time as other applications without automatically minimizing. Uses a bit more resources and playback may be slightly less smooth. "


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          Thank you for the suggestion. Changing that setting is what moves me from Scenario #2 to Scenario #1. But your post got me thinking and after some research on the XBMC forums I found a solution. First, I set the "use full screen window rather than true fullscreen" setting as you described. This stops XMBC from minimizing when a button is pressed on RR. However, XBMC still loses focus and the remote control stops working (worse, the buttons send keystrokes to RR). Secondly, I installed XBMCLauncher ( which among other things, keeps the focus on XMBC. Actually, it allows other apps such as RR to gain focus but then it grabs it back a couple of seconds later. Sweeeeeeet!! Dual screens with RR in the front and XBMC in the back, separate soundcards for each (car radio in the front, headphones in the back), and everything works and nothing conflicts with anything else! I will post a new thread at some point detailing the build with all the tweaks here and there that made it all work.


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            Look into using a program called "Event Ghost". It watches the IR receiver, and captures any key presses on a remote control. It can then send send a command to any program, XBMC for instance. I used it until XBMC natively included support for the MCE remotes, and it works whether XBMC is in focus or not. Another plus, is you can assign any button to do anything you want. Great for turning that unused "Guide" button into triggering XBMC to scan for new content and add it to the library with a single press
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