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Assistance with indicator for Day/Night/Auto when using AutoGammaMode=1

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  • Assistance with indicator for Day/Night/Auto when using AutoGammaMode=1

    Good afternoon,

    I am currently using the new Dimmer (gammamode=4) in my skin with AutoGammaMode=1 (three state button day/night/auto).

    I would like to create an indicator to display the current state of the button (Day, Night, or Auto), but I have been unable to figure out how yet. Mostly because I have not been able to determine where the button state gets stored.

    If anyone is able to enlighten me on where the state of this button is stored, or how I can access it, I would appreciate the assistance.

    Thanks in advance

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    i don't know how do you exactly set your var.
    but if you use only one var for all states you can use this var for indicator.
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      Thank you Harry, I appreciate your response.

      I actually don't set a variable. When autogammamode=1, sending the "GAMMA" command cycles through the three gamma states (Day, night, autogamma).

      My guess is that RR saves the gamma button state in code and does not expose it in any way. I am hoping that I am wrong here, and there is some way to create an indicator based on the state of the gamma button.

      I guess I could look into alternating between autogammamode=0 (autogamma on) and autogammamode=2 (autogamma off) and sending Daygamma/nightgamma commands to simulate the autogammanmode=1 functionality. And then keep track of the state with my own variables and using them for an indicator.... but that seems overcomplicated.