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Indicators from joystick buttons?

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  • Indicators from joystick buttons?

    I am doing some experimenting with riderunner and different dev boards like Arduino Leonardo. I am trying to figure out the codes for Indicators. I want to know if there is any way to point a indicator to activate when a Hid device like a joystick or keyboard (perferably a joystick) has a button pressed and turn off when the button is not pressed. I have it working by having autohotkey moving as file from a "on" folder to a "off" folder when a predefined joystick button is pressed. I know there has to be another way to do this. I don't really know anything about programing, so I can't just write a plugin to do this. Anyone have any ideas?


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    You can try to get ahold of CDRSkull. He wrote a plugin that would do exactly what you are wanting to do. The thread is here, but the download link is broken.


    Leave it to the Russians to post something for download that is not theirs! I found a download link in the first post in the thread.
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