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Resume.ini not being created how to use How can I use the saveresume command?

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  • Resume.ini not being created how to use How can I use the saveresume command?

    For some reason the resume.ini is not being created when windows shuts down. It does work if I close RR before pressing the power button though. So something is happening when windows ends the app before shutting down.

    I see there is a command that was created to save the the resume file. How can I use this to automatically save the file every 2 seconds by itself? I believe the command is "SAVERESUME" because it says Saves the resume info whenever desired.

    I also see a timer event
    /, (TMR) Timer event
    /, Seconds

    The above defines the number of seconds after loading the screen RR will wait to
    execute the "TIMER" event that can be defined in ExecTBL.INI so a command is executed at such time.
    This event is re-occurring, so every few XXX seconds it will re-execute the TIMER event. You can use
    a simple variable switch to prevent it from executing your command more than once (if desired).
    The Optional COMMAND can be directly defined on the skin without using ExecTBL.INI.

    How do I combine these two so it will automatically create the resume.ini every 2 seconds or so?

    I tried adding it to the ExecTBL.INI with no luck. I really don't know how to format it correctly.

    If someone knows that is not the correct command let me know, I was looking in the skin commands and I saw that.

    There was a old post that Gunio was going to create a command for this because others were having the same problem.

    Or if someone knows a better way to have Windows close RR correctly before exiting Windows then it should create the file like it should. RR is not hanging or anything. Windows shuts down in 2-3 seconds so my guess is Windows is killing the task and not actually sending a request to close RR.

    Thanks for helping a Newbie
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    OK, After further investigation it does create the Resume.ini file but the TrackPosition in the ini file shows -1 in Windows 10. This only happens in Windows 10 when RR is running and I press the power button to shut down the computer. If I close RR before shutting down the computer it will work correctly.

    Anyone know of a fix that I could try out?