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POLL: Submit your priorities of implementation here.

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  • POLL: Submit your priorities of implementation here.

    Ok guys, this is the current development of Road Runner:

    Skins: 100%
    Audio Engine: 100%
    Video Engine: 100%
    Internal DVD: 100%
    External DVD: 100%
    Mixer Engine: 100%
    Map Monkey: 100%
    External GPS: 100%
    Launch Applications: 100%
    TV/WDM Camera: 100%
    Girder Support: 100%
    Flash Support: 100%
    MBM 5 Support: 100%
    Phidgets Temp.: 100% (not yet confirmed)
    Winamp Vis: 100%
    Map Monkey SDK: 100%
    Album Text Art: 100%
    Song Title Scroll: 100%
    M3U support: 100%
    Radio Support: 100%
    Mappoint: 100%
    Web Browsers: 100%
    OSK: 90%
    SDK: 70%
    Phoco: (In Progress)

    Please only write down the name of the feature you wish to be implemented next. Curren list below:

    8-PhoneControl Interface
    2-Search Library
    2-XM (Have confirmed FrodoXM can be embbeded)
    1-ODBII (ELM is fast to add)
    0-Picture Viewer
    0-Other ?
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    Q: ID3 please (is that ID3v2 or ID3v3)
    GUINO> A: ID3v1 and ID3v2.2/2.3
    It's the cake having/eating thing.


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      Q: I'm gonna be working on the gamma part. Is the part were road runner sends "GAMMA" implemented yet
      GUINO> A: On next update (prob. tomorrow)
      PowerVoice v1 | NaviVoice Source
      GammaControl v2.4
      SKINbedder v3

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        ID3 Support !
        Lexus SC300:
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          ID3 support please
          There ain't no need to cry. Time's up. It's time to die....


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            WDM Capture (TV/Camera Support) ....and FM support.

            This is interesting approach to achieve such goal:


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              ID3 Support!! =)


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                ID3 and Dlink USB radio
                time for the sig:

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                  Hmmm... maybe we should ask moderators to update this thread with REAL poll.
                  What do you say?


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                    i cant decide between id3 and phonecontrol, put me down for id3
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                      ID3 by far.


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                        dlink radio pls


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                          If I was going to do, this is my order of priority base on the order of how likely we are going to use it and how many of us will be or capable of using it.

                          m3u playlist
                          GPS embeded (D3, Routis/iGuidiance, mappoint)
                          Infrared Control (Atleast GML file for Girder)
                          Picture viewer
                          Embeded browser (no IE please) for traffic and weather.
                          Radio suppport (for Seith and the gangs hardware).
                          Phone Control
                          External LCD.
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                            My wishes are:

                            1. ID3 support
                            2. Rear View Camera support
                            3. Search function
                            4. Integrated Destinator 3

                            I wish they would come true.

                            PS. Keep up the Great work on this project
                            The road is long but we are getting there.


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                              id3 and FM support would be GREAT!! (And if you could get Hauppage cards to work, you would be my FrondEnd GOD!!

                              Maybe for the future when everything else has been done, OBD-II

                              Keep up the awesome work!!!! Thanx a lot for so far!
                              pc 99% - install 100% - audio 100%