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  • Routis?

    Would there be a way to embed routis into RR? Destinator 3 always gives me bad directions, so I can't use it anymore.
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    iguidance works very well embedded. you can even put player controls on the page. don't see any reason why routis won't work since they're basically the same program.
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      I have heard of people using Routis with RR. All you have to do is set RR to use a "External GPS" (or use the GPS Menu). then set the GPS Path (to routis) and the Window name.. then it should work..
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        Works fine for me.. just like Guino described it. Only thing is, I have it running the auto-click-ok program just to get rid of the nag screen. But it still works just fine.

        Only slight thing I've ntoiced is the fist time you start Routis, the window is shorter because of the task bar at the bottom. But, if you move the task bar to the top or side and reduce it to nothing you won't run into this. Otherwise, I've found that you can click Routis, it'll open up with a shorter window, then if you go to another screen and come back to the GPS screen, RR will make the window larger.

        I wasn't going to call this a bug.. but something I noticed.
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