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Shuffle always on?

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  • Shuffle always on?

    Hi Guino & Others...

    Why is it that RR always starts up with shuffle enabled in the music? I can turn it off, but if I restart RR it comes on again... it is kind of annoying cause I sometimes forget to turn it off, then I loose sequence of my playlst...

    I also looked at screenshots of the skins in dev and they all seem to have the shuffle on!

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    Check your setting in RRConfig .. set Default Shuffle Mode to 'Off'
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      There are 3 Start Modes for Shuffle and for Repeat: ON, OFF and LAST. Last will start with whatever you had last. the other two are pretty obvious.. look at those settings in RRConfig.
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