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Min hardware spec for RR mp3 and Mapmonkey only

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  • Min hardware spec for RR mp3 and Mapmonkey only

    OK, my car got broken into, as some of you know, and my whole system was stolen. yowser.

    but i miss the gps - i'm forking out 550 for a cat 1 alarm and getting the thing delocked, so i'm completely skint.

    I want to run mapmonkey to get me places, and i'm dying of lack of mp3's everything else my machine was doing was silly bells and whistles.. back to basics - my psu was nicked, so i'm going to use an inverter and psu.

    Whats the minimum ram and cpu i can get away with to run these things?

    any ideas?
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    A lot of people use the EPIA Mobos (1Ghz).. I would recommend at least 256Mb of RAM (specially when running 2000/XP) and that is only because there's a lot of graphics handling that needs memory for processing (Skins)... GPS, DivX should do fine with those too, just on the DVD side you my lag a bit if you don't have hardware acceleration for DVD playback -- but that varies from DVD to DVD ..
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      Hi Caitlin,

      Sorry to hear about your visit by the burberry bandits

      I've got a 'spare' M10000 board wCPU that you can have for 50 if ur interested?
      I think that's about half-price but I'll check later...

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