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Here's another MPC, v6.4.8.3

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  • Here's another MPC, v6.4.8.3

    I just happened to be browsing MPCs and I found this version. Maybe it will help those who are having video troubles, maybe it won't.
    Unofficial Changelog

    Some of the most noticeable new features in include:

    * Better support for VBR MP3 Audio (NOTE: MPEG Audio filter(s) and/or AVI Splitter might be buggy: Disable this/those internal filter(s) if you have problems)
    * DVD/OGM Audio Channel new AC3 decoder option (?)
    * MKV muxed with mkvmerge 0.9.5 is now seekable
    * Online subtitle database, which is somewhat like CDDB/FreeDB
    * Custom fullscreen resolutions
    * Fancy shaders (DirectX 9)
    * Lock back-buffer before presenting (may fix broken vertical sync)
    * After Playback Options (close or shutdown)
    * New style filters menu
    * Dirac (.drc) support: Dirac is a wavelet-based video codec.
    * DSM (.dsm) support: DSM is Gabest's own container format. MPC can play softsubbed .dsm too.
    * You can now position subs "relatively to video" (VSFilter-compatible) too.
    * DirectX SDK updated to the newest one (Feb 2005) (2005-02-11)
    * Internal MatroskaSplitter updated to v1.0.2.5, supporting V_DIRAC (2005-02-11)
    * [New] capture as JPEG (file - save image) (2005-02-14)
    * [New] Converter to .dsm (2005-02-26)
    Aopen i855GMEm-LFS with Dothan 1.8ghz
    512mb DDR333
    Windows XPpro SP2

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    I've just got done testing this new MPC version... it works wonders... seems faster than the old one, and worked good even on my desktop with messed up codecs..

    I'd suggest anyone having trouble with MPC to try this..

    PS: sorry I'm a bit slow right now guys.. I've come down with tonsilitis. so I feel really bad, headaches etc..
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      Sweet, glad I could help...
      Here's the sourceforge site

      Should note that it's for win2000 and XP.
      Edit: there is also one for Me and 98 on the sourceforge site.
      Aopen i855GMEm-LFS with Dothan 1.8ghz
      512mb DDR333
      Windows XPpro SP2