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  • OSK... need help/ideas..

    Since OSK for applications is something user's been asking for awhile now, I'm here to first ask for something I need to know in order to work on this:

    The OSK from mediacar is big (entire screen), so that would somewhat suck to type with it onto an application (without seeing what's happening). So there are options:

    1-Make a smaller OSK (with less keys or/and with smaller keys)
    2-Make a "paged" OSK (less buttons and with more than one page)
    3-Make a Touchweel Key Input system that could be "moved" around the screen.

    The two first ones could be easily done quickly... the third one is not all complex, but my idea is the following:

    A squared Window (always on top), with basically a touchwheel using it's entire area. In the Center of that touchwheel there'd be a label that shows which letter/digit to input/send to the application in use. The letter/digit to send would be chosen by rotating the touchwheel. Then there'd be a few arrow buttons (up/down/left/right, pgup/pgdown, then probably a "backspace" and a "exit OSK" button. Clicking the digit label (center) would insert/send that key/letter/digit to the application on focus. This window would be movable by using the mouse/touchscreen and dragging on anywhere of it, and could also include indicators and shift/caps lock buttons (probably would be a bit bigger than a square then..

    To perform the above, I'd also need some sort of "" file with the images... This is just a personal suggestion, I wonder if anybody feels this is a good idea or not.

    In any case I'll need some sort of skin made to allow for keyboard and application viewing while typing. Unless everybodys is fine with "blind-typing"

    Let me know what you think,
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    I like very much the third : the touchwheel. That would also be perfect for Powermate, if there were key Shortcuts assignable for touchwheel rotation

    You may work on a simple OSK, also, for those who don't like the touchwheel, or do not have Touchscreen. this OSK would be half the screen height, with a button to move it from the down half to top half, (and maybe center half).

    And you would choose in RRconfig for OSK type (touchwheel/Classic).

    ...just suggestions, you're the boss


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      i dunno how much i like the touchwheel idea since that would be kind of a pain to use in the car while driving! lol (not that we should be searching for songs while driving anyhow) heh
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        Well I don't have a touchscreen, so whatever you do, if you could keep that in mind too, people like me would appreciate it!
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          Originally posted by Larsen

          And you would choose in RRconfig for OSK type (touchwheel/Classic).
          I agree with Larsen. You're going to have people in both camps. I've seen posts here from people who like the single wheel from BMW's I-Drive/Audi's MMI. Others want a typable on-screen keyboard. So if its possible to support both, that would be great and give the choice to the user.


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            Option 1 + 2 + 3. :-D
            IŽll send you a "concept" later, guino.


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              I can't insert image but an osk is present in MapMonkey. it covers less than half screen.

              In Mediacruiser OSK can be open in every launched applic

              Osk should be opensource? (ie let transformation querty==>azerty)

              The best : two osk : Querty and Azerty but we can work for you.

              I also like the idea of Audi MMI with a Powermate but in second time.


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                I like the MediaCar OSK (full screen). It's hard enough to use an OSK on a 7" monitor, so bigger is better. The only thing I ever use it for is Map Point and it works very well. You just click on a text box it calls up the OSK, you type then hit enter. I'm not sure what apps you guys use in the car that require so much typing, but maybe you could just have the MediaCar OSK wrap the text and/or enlarge the area at the top of the OSK where the text that you have typed is displayed, and maybe make it scrollable. Another idea would be to have the text area go full screen to review what you have written, then back to normal for typing.

                If you are thinking about auto complete for song search, maybe just add a window down the right side to display results.

                Really, if I knew what apps you plan to use with OSK I might be more helpful.
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                  I'd say paged full keyboard... The problem with the full keyboard for me is that on 16:9 resolution, like 800x480, I often get the entire screen covered with the OSK, like in MapMonkey I get the osk convering the street names, so I type a bit, then exit osk, the see if I'm in the right place, then open OSK, type more, and so on...

                  Could you maximize external apps by hiding the toolbars from RR when using OSK? (Like hiding the Exit/Back buttons and music navigation buttons)

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                    If we could have 3 selectable OSKs...

                    First one (Touchwheel):

                    Second one (Reduced):


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                      one more idea would be to have a (semi-) transparent OSK....


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                        I like the idea of the full screen OSK, easier to type on touchscreens, and for the "I have no clue about what I'm typing", you could use a transparent keyboard, way back I used MapSonic(not the most touchscreen user friendly ) and the Click'n type OSK program which allows to be on top with user-configurable amount of transparency and it was fine for me, had no problems seeing both the keyb and the program.


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                          Maybe something like this.

                          Larger, Scrollable text display area that wraps.

                          After clicking Preview.

                          Does that do what you need?
                          It's the cake having/eating thing.


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                            AngelGR - I was just coming up with a suggestion to reduce the size of your window when you beat me to it. Excellent concept design. I take it the upper right button wil cycle through alpha, numeric and symbols for each press?


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                              I take it the upper right button wil cycle through alpha, numeric and symbols for each press?
                              Right, that was my first idea. And the screen showing the characters could be used as "drag zone".