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  • Cool idea for RR...

    Hi guys!

    I read in some messages that there are requests to implement something like the A/R control in RR. I had a simple, but useful idea (maybe a new one?) to submit to guino
    I was thinking to add the ability to make new skin buttons (with new skin commands added), that put individually high or low the output lines of the parallel port, with one touch line status change or status change only while the button is pressed as configurable option. In this way you can connect to the LPT port a simple circuit to excite a relay that commands anything you want (A/C, lights, windows...).
    Looking at the RR sources it should not be so difficult to add, but obviously I know that guino is already doing a lot of great work and maybe this idea can be considered for the future...


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    there's a whole thread on this already..
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      Ok... nothing new

      Thanks guino!