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  • New function request

    A silly little thing that I thought of .. that others might like.

    Having a 'Resume Volume' setting ...

    The problem :

    Right now, I may have the volume cranking as I am driving home .. next morning, I get in the car .. and its still cranked. But the computer is not fully booted yet .. so I can't turn it down.

    The solution :

    A setting (along the same lines as Resume music mode) would be a default volume level that RR goes to when it comes out of Start/Hibernate.

    Just a thought

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    That's been talked about in this thread:

    Since it probably is Winamp and not Road Runner, you would still get a blast until Road Runner was actually back up and could turn the volume down.


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      Maybe have it set to a default level during the hibernation/shutdown sequence


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        It is possible to set a custom .pst equalization that can be loaded as first command...
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          exactly.. you can save a mixer preset and make the hibernate command set the "default volume" BEFORE hibernating (right before) so that when resuming those mixer settings will be in effect and the volume won't be too loud.. anything to have effect on this subject has to be done before hibernation as when returning, windows is who is in charge of who runs what and when..
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