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HELP!! RR can't find skin

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  • HELP!! RR can't find skin

    I'm wanting to use RR but I keep getting
    "E:\App\Road Runner\Binary\Skins\DEFAULT does not contain a valid skin! Check your settings and try again." I've check everything and I still can't get it to work.
    Am I an idot and put the skin in the wrong place? Or am I just a moron? Because no one else seems to be having this problem.

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    Run RRConfig and make sure the path is set correctly.

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      Just remove the dir DEFAULT?
      Or set the skin directory 1 level up (to ../skin instead of ../skin/default

      As far as I know, RR looks in that dir, and directory-names are the skin names.

      Otherwise you can edit/view rr.ini manually

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        check to see if you have a resume.ini file in your RR directory.. if its there delete it. Then try again

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          Thanx to everyone with your speedy replys!!!! As soon As I posted the problem I went back and moved the folder and it works now!
          Thanx everyone!!!!!!!!


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            O.K. now all of my sliders flicker. Why would this happen?


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              You probably have sliders with the Y definition.. open your .skin files for the screen with sliders and simply comment out (add a '/,' in front of) the lines that start like:


              This typically happens with older skins only.. it is faster anyway if you don't have that definition in there -- but this might remove the background effect on your sliders (if any is in place).
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