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Bug while creating new skin...

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  • Bug while creating new skin...

    Hi to everyone. I'm creating a new skin based on the old "Spaced Out" skin for MediaCar. For now I'm working on the GPS screen. I attach a screenshot.

    As you can see, I put an "eject" button in the GPS screen. If you press it you are immediately bring to the audio browser screen, where you can select new songs. However, when I return to the GPS screen, even if the new song is playing I still see the old title in the upper bar. Furthermore, even if I go to the next song, I will see the old next song title.
    Everything return to the normality if I go to the Audio Player screen.

    Thanks for help!

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    CarPC Installation on my Seat Toledo

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    I have to look at that.. it might be a bug in RR, but I thought Ildena had a skin that did that.. I'll try it out...
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