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Media Car Junkie...newbie to RR

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  • Media Car Junkie...newbie to RR

    I downloaded RR and when I try to load my music I have the same destination as I did in Media Car, but no files show up. Second problem...when I push the music button, I can't get back to the main screen...I have to reboot the entire PC. What Gives?

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    Originally posted by gboy
    What Gives?
    Unless you made a donation to Guino, not you.


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      LOL, nice! Hello Gboy, check this thread for some help, maybe it applies to you.
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        it sounds like wiamp is not loading.. RR depends on it to load up the playlist and play music (as did MediaCar).. If you can't get back to the main screen is probably because there's something freezing up when going into the Audio player.. I'd suggest reading the Install FAQ.. in any case, please feel free to post again if it still doesn't work -- in which case, I'd ask you to post your RR.INI file (settings) and if possible a debug log...

        In case you wonder how to make a debug log:
        -Add this setting to your RR.INI: debugmode=true
        -Run RR, and do as usual (to make it freeze up)

        Look on RR's folder you should see debug.txt -- post that file or send me an email with it..

        Let me know...
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