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  • Playlists & Playlists path

    Can anyone explain the usage of playlists and the playlist path and how it can be used?

    I'm trying to set up different playlists but struggling ......

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    Playlist path sets where your playlists will be saved (as M3U files).. if left blank, RR will save your playlists to your default Music Folder.

    If you have Playlist/M3U files make sure you can access that folder using RR's browser (this can be done by adding a BROWSE.RRL file if needed). When you click Select on a M3U File, RR will load the M3U as your playlist.

    For the SAVE playlist function to work, you must have a skin that has the save playlist function in it (I know of none released with this yet). This is a button with the command "SAVELIST" that brings up the OSK and lets you type in the playlist name to save onto your Playlist path.
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