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  • some quesctions

    hi new in rr
    i have setup all the applications smooth but i have only 2 quesctions
    1st is possible to setup the radio Without use the radiator (my cart is a prolink and is not possible to make her work correctly with radiator)
    2on is there a way to make the phonebutton call the ral phoneco Embered to a rruntil the interigation is possible in RR

    ps Have anyopne tried to make more buttons in the frond-end (i wanna call some other application embered (ph my car obc2 program)

    regards and thanks in advance
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    hardware: 100%
    RR frontend=100%
    Radio = 100%

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    look at the Skin Commands.txt file to know how to edit your .skin file to call any application you want.. look at existing skins as examples..

    The only currently supported Radio cards are the DLink and Radiator supported cards. If you want to use other Radio cards in ANY frontend, you'll have to run the application from your card embbeded -- You can change the radio button to do that or you can simply add it to the Launch Menu.
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