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  • Filename instead of id tags...

    Due to the fact that most of my MP3's are not all id-compliant I find it difficult to find a song by artist-songname format. Is there a way to force RR to display the damn filename only??? Ive tried to mess around with the settings without any luck.


    What is a quick and simple program that would mass-convert the filenames of my MP3's to show in ID-tag format?
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      ultratagger does it very well too
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        Of course there is.. I don't ever use ID3 Tags.. just go in the music section and set: "Don't use Tags" and possibly set "no formatting" as well -- it's a lot faster that way.
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          doesn't work. Ive tried it.
          all i get is the title and no artist
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            Check the skin file... It could force to show artist/song name


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              EDITED - I figured it out. Don't laugh at me! Whatever, digging up this old thread shows I searched at least, so what I made a dumb mistake. HA.
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