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  • Spacebar as sendkey

    Hi all,
    I have a little problem with sending a sendkey command to Routis.
    When I launch GPS and the Lady gives me directions, I can hit the Spacebar and she will repeat it. Now I am switching back to my main menu where I have a Button what says Directions. I would like to send that spacebar command to Routis, but when i click that button nothing happens. If I hit the Spacebar she repeats it. I have that on my button. "SENDKEY;{SPACE}" but it don't work.
    Thanks for helping

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    have your tried.. { } as space ?
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      RR can only perform sendkeys on an application if its in focus, my guess is that when you switch to the main menu routis is no longer in focus so the sendkeys dont work.


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        I'm pretty sure that sendkey can't send the spacebar command. I still don't understand it all but when using sendkey I could never get it to send the spacebar command. I tried, {space}, { }, " " and anything else I could find online. Just using { } or " " I could get it to send a space (would add a space into a text editor or something) but I couldn't get it to register as being the spacebar for some reason. I wasn't doing it through RR, just my own program but it uses the same sendkey.
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          After I launch my GPS Software and go back to the main menu I CAN hit the spacebar and it repeats the last maneuver even when the map is not shown. That tells me that it is working. I will try any other command to send to the GPS and see if it is the Spacebar command.


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            Just for you guy's who would like to know. I figured it out in RR and Sendkey Commands. I launch RR, hit to GPS and the back to my Main Menu.
            Under the button command I put "SENDKEY,{ }". Now when I hit the middle of my menu (The Car) then iGuidance will repeat the last maneuver. Works like a charm.
            Thanks CdRsKuLL


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              When I use sendkeys in VB, I have no problem sending a " ".
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