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Failed to load control 'Flash' error on load

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  • Failed to load control 'Flash' error on load

    I just upgraded to the 4-21-05 version today from an old 2-10-05 install. Now every time I try to load RR, it gives a "Error 372: Failed to load control 'Flash' from . Your version may be outdated" error. Anyone have a workaround for this? I couldn't find any mention of a similar problem on the board, so I'm assuming it's a problem with my install. Any insight would be appreciated .

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    Aparently the "" at the bottom of the download page wasn't optional in my case. Once I added that, it booted fine.


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      That is an "optional" download but for "FIXING" issues.. what you should have done first was updated your flash plugin for internet exlporer by going to macromedia's page (as described in RR's FAQ). The FAQ threads were old so many users weren't seeing them anymore, so I made them sticky now..
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        Where is the "optional" file you speak of? I'm having the same problem with the new build. Fresh Win7 - Beta (I'm running it on all my PCs now and it is as quick/good as XP with a nicer interface then Vista) I installed the newest Flash and it works fine in FF.


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          OFFICALLY we do not support WIN7...

          you best install RR as ADMIN, or turn off UAC

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            Actually I fixed it by installing your file from your post here.

            Seems kinda strange that I needed to even though I did install flash through the browser first, but whatever. All working great now.