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Directory list & Playlist on same screen?

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  • Directory list & Playlist on same screen?

    How do I get the directory list & playlist on same screen to work?
    I've tryed everything I know and I still can't get the directory list to work. Playlist will work fine.

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    Check this skin
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      I'm using RR Skin Editor, and I can't seem to get the directory list to work on the same screen as the playlist. Am I doing something wrong or is there a trick to doing this?


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        I have found that if you want the dir list then the skin has to be called :


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          Right now DIR lists MUST be in a known screen (Audio/Video Browsers) .. otherwise RR has no idea of which directory to use for display..
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            Thanx a million!!! I'll give it a try.
            Thanx again!!