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Problem: Master Volume at 100% at startup

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  • Problem: Master Volume at 100% at startup

    I have a problem.. When i turn on my Carputer the master volume of RR is always at 100%. In both cases ( Hibernate by windows or hibernate by RR Exit-Menu at 10 - 20 ... % volume ) when restore the volume is 100 %. Note that Winamp and other volume settings are correct.
    What can i do ?
    very thanks at all !

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    Since it is after hibernation you must be using Audigy 2 NX (USB).. right?

    Go at and download the latest drivers!


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      Thank you for your reply
      i use Audio Card integrated in my PC (ex notebook ). Until i have intalled RR, with
      only Winamp i haven't the problem... Now, If I use only winamp no problem with audio volume....


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        I'd make sure you have the latest drivers for your card.. if that doesn't fix it, do a search on Mixer Presets and you can "fix" this by loading a defined mixer preset when starting or exiting RR. You should also try to map the master volume to a audio line in RRConfig.
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