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Set position of popup screens (custom menu)

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  • Set position of popup screens (custom menu)

    hey there..

    Anyone know if it's possible to set the position of a menu?
    I made a new menu (small eq) and want to load it on top 0,0,800,340 of the screen. right now it appears in the middle of the screen.

    thanxs, Martijn

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    It's not implemented, but it's a good suggestion for a next version of RR.


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      You can do it with a bit of work already.. You can choose between two options:

      Option 1:
      -Create a Menu which is Full Screen and has the "background" as the calling screen -- as long as you only define the buttons of the menu in the .skin file it should look like the menu is wherever you drew it.

      Option 2:
      -Similar to the above but more realistic: Make Full Size menu images drawing your menu where you'd like it to "show", then use the "CUT" skin definition to cut the areas around the menu you don't want to show. This will have the effect of showing the menu at the location that hasn't been "cut off"..

      There's an example of Option 1 in the Alpine "City-Cruiser" by Hell-Stopper. He shows the exit menu as a popup on the bottom-right corner while the rest of the screen is "darkened" (like the windows shutdown menu used to be).
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