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  • auto-dsiconnect from web

    Hi, i use a BT connection and my V600 in order to surf the web with GPRS.
    The problem is: when i launch explorer it automatically connect the phone modem via BT and make the dial.
    But when i close explorer it doesn't automatically diconnect the phone; until i switch the phone off, then windows show up a dialogue box asking me to reconnect to the net. The normal dialogue box that appears when closing the browser doesn't come up while using Road Runner (it probably lays somewhere behind it ...).
    How can i made the disconnection automatic (and transparent to the user) as i close the browser?

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    Alter the Internet Explorer Connections settings to disconnect when not needed.

    Ie. Tool, Internet Options, Connections, Settings, Advanced.

    Works on my CarPC anyway.


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      thanx. i know i'm able to do that. i can change the idle time before disconnect, but if i set it too low i can't be able to spend much time reading a fixed page; if i set it too high i spend a lot of money even for a 20 sec connection.
      What i really like to know is if it's possible to shut down connection instantly while closing the browser (by tweaking some registry entries for example).


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        You can lookup the syntax for calling RASDIAL.EXE and tell it to disconnect when pressing the "exit" button on the browser (or you can make a disconnect button). You can do the same for connecting too.. Just use the RUNW command to tell RASDIAL what to do..
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          thank you. sharp on the target, as usual!