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  • cdrip feature help

    Hi, I was wanting to try out the the new cdrip feature.I am trying it out of Road Runner first.(using it in Road Runner will be a differrent day and more questions probably).

    1: Tried it on my laptop in house it worked fine(did not rip the cd) just wanted to see if it would open up and recognize the cd. and it did.
    edit: just tried ripping the cd but it does not do anything.
    Any Suggestions?

    2: Tried it on main computer in house it open up shows 1: track (76:19) if I hit CDDB then it shows Private Daten as the artist.I do not know where it is getting this track of 76:19 I do not have any cd's in any of the drives when it tells me this.(I do have 1 virtual drive for games that I have stored in the computer so I do not need the cd's to play them) I do not know if this is the drive it is trying to access.How do I change what drive it looks for? In the cdrip.ini I see this line cddrive=1 and i changed it to 2-6 then a-i to see if that would help but it did not.
    Any suggestions on what to try to get it working?

    3: Tried it on my car pc I get a error ASPI for Win32 is not installed corectly.
    I tried updating the ASPI but I still get the same error.I am not sure if I am not downloading the right ASPI tried couple different version and different websites.
    Any suggestions on where to get the corect one at?

    Thanks for all your help
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    You probably haven't registered the dll's of the CDRip.. The current version is roughly a prototype.. I'll be adding a setup script and propperly modify the skin to support it.. also need to make it update a song database when ripping files.. The aspi layer it requires is just a common aspi layer available for applications such as audiocatalyst/audiograbber..
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      Winamp CDRip?

      Is it possible to control the Winamp CDRip engine? I only ask this as I am accustomed to ripping to OGG...
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