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  • Text Art File ?

    In the config of Roadrunner there is an option for "Text Art File" in the Music Tab. (It's set to *.txt) what does this do, or what is it for?
    I'm guessing it's for configuring more than 1 artfile (cover) for an Album.

    How exactly do I configure this? (the search didn't give an answer.)

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    Text art is a scrolling TEXT that shows up when selecting/viewing a folder for movies or albums.. just place a .txt file in the album folder and it will display it -- the BrushMetal skin does NOT have a space for it in the screen. The Alpine skin does (for instance), right under the album art (image) space..
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      Ah that's what it's for, thanks! Not much use for me though, since I use BrushMetal.