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  • A couple questions....

    Okay, I *just* got my carputer in and basically functioning today and there's one or two things I'm not too sure about. I installed RR, got everything basically working but for some reason the volume resets to 50%ish when I switch songs. Also, when I had the volume control set to control Master Volume (default), it would only do the two front channels. Winamp worked fine by itself though. I have an Epia MII12000 and the audio running off the motherboard (with the vinyl audio driver things). Hopefully these aren't asinine questions, but I'll find out soon enough.

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    You can assign the volume control to work with any of your audio lines (master is recommended). Additionally, you can set RRConfig to map the master volume to ALL audio lines (last resort). Anyway, If you set the volume outside of RR (windows mixer) and it works, then it should be the same thing in RR. If it doesn't, then you have to figure out your hardware.
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      Okay, I'll just have to fiddle with stuff more. I personally think the Epia audio drivers are throwing a wrench into things. Thanks for the reply though, liking the software!