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    Whats up guys,

    Im thinking aboout getting a new phone service, I currently have sprint and the bluetooth phones dont work well with Phonecontrol & RR .....

    so my question is what phones/service are you guys using that works with phonecontrol/RR 100 % (read add. book, accept incoming/outgoing calls, etc..)

    Now i know that some BT phones cant use 2 BT connections at the same time so you cant listen to the person through you car speakers and use it as a headseat too, meaning you have to talk into the phone rather then talking into a mic you setup in the car.

    Do mostly all BT phones have this limitation?
    So if you guys can list:

    Phone Service:
    Phone Model:
    If it working 100%, meaning you dont have to touch yourphone once in the car, all done through RR

    I was looking into the black Moto Razr v3 phone but after doing some searches it can only use 1 BT connection @ a time

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    I'd suggest the Sony Ericsson T6xx models.. Excellent conectivity. I have a T637 with Cingular. Works great... In any case, since any Phone will work the same way in RR or any Front end (because we all use Phoco), you would probably get better information on the Phoco sub-forums.
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      thanks guino for the info...can you move this thread over to he phoco forums
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        I had no trouble with TMo in the US. The T6xx are going to be the best phones....

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        Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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          Originally posted by RoyN
          I had no trouble with TMo in the US. The T6xx are going to be the best phones....
          Wait till you try the K750i
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            stoo do you use that phone with phonecontrol? is that phone just as good as the t6xx series, i just wont a t637 on ebay for 100 bucks, no i need to decided on the service, tmobile or cingular
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              Yeah, the K750i is great! Unfortunately mine has a small bug in the firmware and I can't choose the pc has handsfree device. That's what you get when you are the first one buying it. But within 2 days new firmware will be available here in the Netherlands.

              It also supports multiple bluetooth connections !

              Any luck with yours MC_Stoo ?


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                Party, I got a k750i also, I don't have that handsfree device bug, but i am having troubles getting my winxp box to connect to the k750i. My powerbook connects without a problem. :/

                I got this phone pretty much just to use it with phonecontrol in the car

                P.S. I got a SE HBH-662 headset with thecaller id and it rocks too
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                  Well, my guess is that the bluetooth isn't working 100% on this primary firmare. I will upgrade mine to the upcoming firmware and do some tests afterwards.

                  Have you tried to call with phonecontrol and get the sound transfered to your headset?
                  I can do it manually but not automatically with the afterdial command.