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    Just a quick question to all you gurus.
    In a mp3 tag it is possible to embed the album art. Is there a way to display it in road runner? At the winamp site there is a plugin what can show the embeeded album art as a Visu. That would be great, you can have in every song the album art and display it in RR.
    Any Ideas?

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    RR already displays album art....i don't know about embeding in the id3 tag. But if you have a .jpg in the folder where the mp3 is playing from RR will display it as album art. For example, in my setup, i have my music folder structure like this Artist->Album->Songs ....inside every album folder I have a .jpg of the album art named album.jpg and RR displays them with no problem. Hope it helps!
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      I know that you can display an Album art .jpg in RR, what if you have a folder with various artists in it then you can display only one .jpg, but when you can show the embedded art in the mp3 then it will change to whatever the picture is in the song.


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        RR can't (yet) read JPGs off ID3 tags, but you can make a .jpg file with the same name of a file and RR will display that too. Something like:

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