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    No I havent', but I'd be willing to bet that the first person that helps you is going to want to see some of what you did and a little more explanation for what exactly is wrong.
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    Originally posted by ryuandwings
    Where can I get a roll of tin foil?
    I been looking for that all over the net, but I can't find it.
    Please help.


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      Originally posted by [email protected]
      Hello together,

      I build in this time a skin for RR. But I have same problems with map&guide travelbook. I can not embedded the travelbook complete.

      Have anybody embedded travelbook in RR?

      I need any help from us.



      Make sure that the setting in the RR Config are correct. You must have the window title of the GPS program entered correctly in the RR Config, or it doesn't know what to embed.

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        There's a FAQ on embbeding applications, if you can't make it work after reading it, show me what you used for window name and what winspector says it's the window name and class name..
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