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TV/Ibus and Volume/Fader problem?

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  • TV/Ibus and Volume/Fader problem?

    Hi Guino,

    I love your RR but Iím currently experiencing two problems that Iím hoping you can help. I am currently using it with the IBUS that was specifically made to work directly with RR. I am also using WinTV/FM USB and the winamp tv plugin to watch tv. The problem is when I in the tv mode (Zots skin) I canít seem to change station or volume with any of the steering wheel buttons. Everything I push any of the buttons the whole screen goes crazy and freezes for a few second and comes back. Theses are the commands that are mapped to the steering wheel buttons (Vol+, Vol-, RRPREV, RRNEXT). I there a way to change volume and flip through channels with the steering wheel buttons? The second problem it with the volume and fader. Once in a while I will notice that lowering the volume will also set the fader to the left. Sometimes while lowering the volume I can see the fader is also moving down along with the volume slider. Iím using the version before the 7-03 release and have set Map Master Volume to Master Volume. Is this a bug? Thanks for your help.