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    Some general questions and forget my ignorance and bad english writting.

    1. Does anyone can tell me with simple steps how to disable the "Loader Banner"?
    I have read the post that you can disable the Loader using the (Quiet) command line parameter: /Q... But i dont know where to put that command.

    2. I would like to change windows Shell... Loading RR instead of Explorer...
    And running explorer inside from RR in case i need... If i chose to hide mouse cursor in RR, Is there any chance make Mouse cursor reapear any time launch Explorer and desapear again when i close explorer?

    Quino.. Congratulations for your work... I would like make a donation... Can you plz give me some info how to do it.

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    1- You have to add the /Q parameter to the command line in the RR Shortcut. Look the example :

    2- Look at this :
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