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Voice in RR changed

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  • Voice in RR changed

    Used to be a female voice with voice enabled in RR upgraded to the latest version and now it is an annoying male voice. Whats up?

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    theres only 1 reason for this, your no longer attractive to the opposite sex.

    well either that or you changed the setting for the default voice selection in the control panel applet Developer (I am Chuck)
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      awhile back there was a switch from SAPI4 to SAPI5.. you can go back to SAPI4 by adding this to RR.INI:


      You can also download the SAPI5 from microsoft's side to get different voices that you can tweak as well...
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        I just downloaded and installed sapisdk5.1 and changed the voice under the speech control panel to Microsoft Mary and that annoying Microsoft Sam is history. THX guys