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  • Playlist Filename from Winamp

    Is it possible to take the name of the song on the playlist from Winamp as opposed to using the filename? This is particularly useful while playing a CD: if I use a Winamp plugin with local DB support then Winamp will load the track names without a server connection, but even when the real track name displays in Winamp, RR displays only the filename, i.e. 'Track1'. Alternately, any plans for local DB support in RR for track name display (ala in your CDRip plugin)?

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    There's no current way to load the info From Winamp -- Mostly because with winamp's playlist closed, it typically doesn't load any information that it doesn't need to.

    I do intend to improve CD playback (at some point) to where it could load the local CDDB info for CD playback...
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      Cool -- that would be great. I may take your suggestion (from an earlier post) and try my hand at some VB programming to do this, based on your CDRip example.
      On another note, I have never gotten my local freeDb to work, and I have tried very hard. Any special hints?


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        Ops -- sorry, please disregard the later part. Downloaded the CDRip plugin again and the problem went away.