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  • Need Custom logo How-to

    Hey Guys...I have the Brushed Metal version 2 skin and I am wanting to add my own custom logo in the middle. I have read post after post and still see nothing on adding a custom logo in the center. I did find out how to get rid of the spinning logo. Did that. Someone said I had to get the old version metal skin. I don't want the old version. I really, really like the new version but I want my own custom logo in there. NON-SPINNING!
    Someone on here put a custom Dodge logo on theirs. I posted to them on how to do it, but no reply. Anyone offer some help. I know there are others that want to do this. Thanks guys!!!!

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    Which skin is it you need the dodge logo adding to?? the BMV2 main menu of Guinos??


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      If you want to MAKE a logo, you just need to download the PSD files from and edit the images to your liking... Once you replace the JPG files on your skin's folder it will display them as you want.. You can also just edit the JPG files directly, but it won't look as nice.
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        Hey UK MP3CAR, Yea, What I am trying to do is add a Honda logo (non-spinning) to the center of the BMV2 main menu of Guinos. I have Photoshop 6 but I'm not much good at it. Can this be done with RR skin editor. I have that also. I played around with it but didn't get anywhere. There is just so much info here and alot of terms I don't quite understand. Sometimes I read these posts until I think my head is going to explode!!