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Auto load FD when RR starts up

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  • Auto load FD when RR starts up

    Hey Guino, can I autoload FD in the background (without showing the splash screen) when I run RR. I'm trying to make my system as seemless as possible. I what to load RR and autoload FD in the backgound without FD showing up in front of RR.

    Well, I asked this over at the FD forum and CDR said that he can include a command that would run FD silently in the background. I'm just asking this again over here just in case I have missed something out on RR comman set before CDR start making any mods to FD. .
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    I'd assume that RUNQ should work for this, but this is a VB function, so it may not be able to hide FD's main window... basically, you may have to ask CDR for the same option to just load FD on the background (without displaying the splash screen nor the main screen). Once the GPS screen is activated, it should find FD and just embed it..
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      ok.. I have added a hidden command.. so if you want to start up FD in the background use.. "FreeDrive.exe hidden"

      also includes yet another eta update. .. fingers x'd

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