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RR doesnt unload apps on close

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  • RR doesnt unload apps on close

    Im sure i saw a thread about this somewhere but I cant find it now.

    I use Infomap Navigator for routing and something called gatsohunter, when I close out of RR back to desktop both those apps stay running in memory (but without any access from the desktop). I can reload RR and they are still there, running where I left them.

    They dont shut down unless I physically go to the gps screen and apps screen and X close them before closing RR.

    The problems arise when rebooting, windows sees them running but wont shut them down properly, resulting in a halt to the reboot process and a 'this application is not responding' box - and the obvious problem if I try run the same app on the desktop itll error out

    Is there any way to ensure the embedded apps are unloaded fully on exit please?

    Thanks a lot

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    Yes, open ExecTBL.INI and add something like:


    RR doesn't close applications unless you explicitly ask for it exectly so you can return to them in RR later.

    EDIT: Added INI option to close apps when exiting (for next release)
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