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  • Control RR from VB.NET

    Im about to write an app to send some controls to RR, but I cant really get it to work, Ive checked the example in the source but it is VB6. Is there anyone here who can translate that into VB.NET?

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    Any luck with VB.Net yet?


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      thought of converting? vb6 to vb .net


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        ummm.... I chose not to use .NET for multiple reasons... in any case, as long as you can send the commands using the SendMessage/COM hooks API, you should be able to do it... I believe that 'Garo' has code he made for integrating his .NET GPS application with RR.
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          I actually wrote a .dll file that I can call from an .NET app. I can share it when I get back home.


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            I would like this dll if you can post it. Im working on some GPS stuff, voice command stuff, two way radio stuff...etc and may want to import it into RR.
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              Here is the dll file and a VB.NET example
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                I haven't found out how to pull info from FreeDrive if it's embedded in RR, if you do please share it.