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Possible Jaguar Flash 3D logo (poll)

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  • Possible Jaguar Flash 3D logo (poll)

    OK everyone. My shop may have a Jaguar car computer project coming up, If it does happen it'll be a paid gig and I'll have to create a Jaguar logo fitting the vehicle.

    (Guino you'll be getting a nice donation / royalty if that happens I'll PM the details if and when it does)

    Any way I could still do the logo, if the Jag owner decides not to go with the puter. But for it to be worth my time I need to have a role call here for those who will be using in RR. I have a feeling that there are not many people on here with carputers in a Jaguar. But at least 8 or more show interest by replying to this thread I'll consider it.

    I am planning utilize the cat I developed for the Graphic below. It was designed for a still shot but with some additional work it should work well for a flash animation. Note Because of the complexity it will most likly be a 300K or better SWF.

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    I have a Jaguar(x300) and I'm considering to build a carpc in it in the near future.