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  • RR + TT Sirius

    I'm posting from the car atm while working with the new TT sirius dongle. I've got it working while using the TT software. (If you run a GPS, look out - try unplugging it or disabling its com port) When I assign the port (Com4) in rr.ini it dows show some activity on the dongle, but not the same light patterns.

    Just waanted to start some discussion. Not sure how many people picked up the TT setups, maybe we can hook Guino up with one.

    M7NCG w/ mobile 2400+ | 512mb DDR400
    3.5" HDD | Slim DVD/CD-RW
    Linksys USB Wifi | Belkin USB BlueTooth
    Opus 150w | Xenarc 7"
    RoadRunner - Thanks Guino!