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  • Help with delorme embed

    While I know many of you out there absolute hate Delorme products, and while I agree that Street Atlas is not the best program out there, I am forced to use their products for work. I have searched the forums for several days now and cannot seem to find any truly definitive information on how to properly embed this software into road runner. Basically I would like to cover up the information panel that is to the left on most Delorme screens menu options and music controls etc. I have read the Faqs and have attempted to use Skinbedder however, this has only proved that I am indeed retarded. Any earnest help other than a suggestion to buy another software package would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    A good place to start would be to open RRConfig, select external gps and try setting the External GPS path to the path of your Delorme product. Then after you get it working, you can edit as you wish
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      Thank you, but I have done that already. I have my path set in and Delorme loads however it does not “attach” I guess is the best way to but it. If I click on the map it switches windows and road runner moves behind the program. Also this does not resize the application to fit in the road runner window or remove unnecessary items such as the title bar. If you have any more ideas or know of some more detailed threads where I can find out more about window resizing that would help also.