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Guino - Image viewer - Any approximate ETA?

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  • Guino - Image viewer - Any approximate ETA?

    I think I remember you mentioning something about working on a picture viewer? Windows picture and fax is a PITA and I dont' think it'll embed. 11view embeds but it's vastly over-complicated. Still, I was about to start skinning 11view but I thought I'd check with you, I don't wan't to waste my time if there is a picture viewer around the corner. Thanks.
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    Where can I get a roll of tin foil?
    I been looking for that all over the net, but I can't find it.
    Please help.

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    I'm working on other stuff right now.. making some browsing improvements and gotta implement the changes on Phoco made by Hematec.. this should keep me busy for awhile...
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      I think you can embed Dragon's picture viewer... that should keep you satisfied.
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        I was about to say that this afternoon but I was waiting for guino's answer firts.

        Only problem is that his plugins is no skinnable (the buttons part)

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