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Creating channel files with correct frequencies

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  • Creating channel files with correct frequencies


    I am wondering if someone can help me. I would like to try and creat the seperate channel presets that winamp creates when its scans for channels. I would also like to ID with the proper network they are but that could come later. Basically this is whats in the winamp .tvc file

    Name = Autoscanned channel #000
    System = NTSC
    Frequency = 59.250000
    Channel = -1
    Country = 1

    I found a frequency list here.
    and here

    you see where I am getting with this. Can someone create a script that would create files bases on the channel number and frequency it belongs to. I could probably get all this info in a speadsheet correctly but I dont know how to export to individual files for each channel.

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    Why don't you have the plugin scan and create the files for you ? most cards scan the frequencies because they're a lot of the times not what they're supposed to be for "best" reception..
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      Theres a few reasons why I want to try it this way. First, Ill get the channels I know I should get. Not are the channles are being found due to bad recpetion. I will know what the channels are instead of the sequential generated file winamp creates. and lastly they will be on there correct frequencies. It will also look good in teh playlist. I also was ending up with a lot of additional channels that were the same station because the signal was strong.

      I am almost there, I already have two versiond of files. One with all the channel listings formatted they way they should be but just in one file and the other a spreadsheet. I found a way to do a word mailmerge and save to files but it only works with paragraphs so its not giving me the results I need. I also found a program called webmerge but it only creates html files I'll figure it out soon.


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        Hey I made progress....the webmerge program does work, just needed to make a template thats shows what I want the way I want it without any html. I can also save the files with any extention I want and even using one of the feild like the Name field, real cool. I havent tested it yet but at least I am able to create the 160 files. I used Yahoo TV to get the netowork/channel listing so for the my local channels I will have the networks listed as well.


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          After staying up all night I decided to drop this task. I was able to get the files I wanted but I am not sure if the freqency list was correct for what I needed. I also rather use the snapstream beyond tv app I got with my TV tuner. It acts like a Tivo as well so I can rewind or pause the static I didnt catch while driving, great! I just converted a skin to launch it. I can control the program with TS, the firefly remote and my steering wheel and OBM monitor controls. I was thinking of creating a skin for some of the more common fuction I need and just embed it. I guess that will be a good start to learn how to create skins and embed apps.

          Guino, I also noticed that the mmi skin scans the frequencies for TV instead of using presets, I think this is much better but people arent utilizing this feature in their skins.