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Is it time to kiss Winamp Bye Bye

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  • Is it time to kiss Winamp Bye Bye

    Everything else aside. I feel that above any other feature, Option or Gadget.

    Integration of Windows Media Player 9 or 10 should be given some serious consideration.

    WHY? because it is stable. Recently Winamp has been giving people problems by throwing "encountered internal error and needs to close"

    This has happend in versions as late a 5.03. Nothing other than a full uninstall, delete all winamp directories and reinstall fixes the problem. Unitl it does it again. On the two winamp RR installs we are running Both have gone through winamp re installs. One of them 6 TIMES!

    Different hardware, bios etc but the same problem. The Winamp site is not helpful at all and even with the latest version download and install. It still crashes. Maybe in a Week, two weeks or 2 hours.

    Microsoft Media Player one both systems has worked flawlessly throughout.

    With Media Player the visualization issue is a non problem.

    The people we have these systems installed in are daily drivers, in their vehicles a couple hours every day. They do not want to have their systems down once a month or more. With Windows Media player being standard in every windows install and as powerful as it has become. Winamp will have less and less support until support for it stops completely. While product and options for Media Player increase.

    And as Winamp right now is the heart of RR it is unwise to rely on SW that has gotten Flakey.

    Just our oppinion.

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    OH PS. When Winamp starts doing this, it will crash even when RR is not launched. Winamp will load up and be all nice on the screen. The moment you click on any winamp control or button it bombs out.

    NOTE this is on Window's XP home and Pro systems with SP2 installed with all of the latest updates. Direct X 9.0c etc.

    Wnamp has not had any development for 1 year now. Perhaps it has become incompatible with the latest patchs and SW in the latest XP releases.

    Media player has integrated CD rip so RR does not have to provide it externally, which simplifies some things.


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      Is it WinAmp or RR? I use Winamp with no trouble (not embedded) absolutly stable.
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        winamp 2.95=rocksolid


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          yup. never had any problem with 2.95.

          The only thing I don't like about Winamp is that it still doesn't support Unicode. Upon reading the Winamp forums, they will never do. Kind of a bummer for us foreigners.
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            I too had lots of issue's in a CarPC environment with Winamp 5.x. Just not stable.

            2.95 works wonderfully. Has yet to give me any sorts of issues.


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              i'm a big fan of foobar myself, rock solid and light as a feather


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                Its owned by AOL so yes trash it.


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                  running winamp 5.03 with RR and thing has been rock solid since day one even with visualizations. I think the problems people have more often then not is caused by the hardware not the software. Most car pcs aren't real highend and when you run "pretty" software like winamp 5 things get buggy. I run winamp 5 with classic skin embedded in RR with fullscreen vis and i have no problems on a 1.2 EPIA w/ 512mb ram and 5400rpm drive.
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                    anyone have the 2.95 installer they can share?


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                        The only reason I see for ditchiing winamp would be an internal player capable of audio/video the whole shabang... since guino has said over and over that that isnt his intention, and that a substantial amount of coding would be required...

                        winamp 2.95 runs rocksolid since day one... no reason to change winamp to wmp imo... and the cdrip in wmp rips only to wma afaik which is pretty useless... + cdrip for RR is already developed! + wmp cdrip doesnt use freedb...

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                          WMP can rip to mp3, you just need to buy a 3rd party app to do it. its not a free option but its possible. I'm for WMP, before I was playing with all these front ends, RR specifically, I was using CarAMP in my BMW, they use WMP to play audio and the program is built on a .NET framework. The only problem I has with WMP is the winamp blows it away in the visuals dept.


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                            Winamp is been giving a lot of people a bad day with it's (bug)updates and crashes. But i havenít had that problem yet.

                            I Think an integration with Mediaplayer will give a better RR. But that off course depends on the programmer. As i have full confidence in Guino I guess it will be great.

                            But my reason for the choice of Mediaplayer is just because in normal live i listen to a lot of music and work in big sound studio's. They will never use winamp. Just because mediaplayer is more stable and produces better overall results in quality and system load. And in mediaplayer in studio's i mean the dll that is being used in the software, you will not get the interface of media player.

                            So just my thoughts would be : mediaplayer integration.
                            But that is just a gut feeling. We will not know if it's better until we can test it.


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                              id say stick with winamp, i dont have a single problem using winamp 5.08e, and it does kick the pants off wmp. what versions of winamp have you tried, because i do know that 5.03 i had lots of trouble with on its own when it came out. try a different version, and dont give up on it when one version doesnt work, thats why they release newer ones. try 2.95, if you want the extra features of winamp, go 5.08e.

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